How Pills Give You Incredible Orgasms

If women can have incredible, earth-shaking orgasms, why can’t you?

Mind-rocking orgasms come easily to healthy teenage males, and then, as time goes on, men sometimes feel they’ve lost their edge. What used to shoot out semen like a ballistic missile now, at times, seems more like a water pistol.

But an orgasm is one pleasure that doesn’t have to decline with age. On the contrary, orgasms can get better. As you mature, you can learn a few simple techniques for controlling orgasms—and how great they feel—in ways your adolescent self never imagined.

Volume Pills Increase Semen Volume

In addition to techniques, men can also take dietary supplements that increase the amount of semen they ejaculate. One of these supplements is called Volume Pills.

The more semen you ejaculate, the longer and stronger your orgasm will be. Men take Volume Pills in order to produce incredible cumshots. But this product also produces mind-blowing orgasms as well.

Orgasm Is Different Than Ejaculation

Keep in mind that when you’re ejaculating, you’re not necessarily having an orgasm. They’re really two different experiences. “Ejaculation is local; orgasm is global, encompassing your entire body; says certified sex educator Robert O. Hawkins, Jr., Ph.D., a professor of health sciences at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Ejaculation, he says, is just one response to what your entire body is experiencing. “Ejaculation is just the physical expulsion of semen. It begins when ducts in the genital organs contract and squeeze their contents—the mixture of sperm and other fluids that make up semen—into the urethra. Then muscles at the base of the penis contract, forcing the semen down the urethra and out the penis.”

“It’s the peak feeling that involves all of the above plus many other parts of the body contracting and releasing,” says Hawkins. “During sexual arousal, muscles tense all over. Not just in your crotch.

Your breathing rate, heartbeat and blood pressure rise. Blood collects in the penis, causing an erection, and may also swell your lips, earlobes and nipples (yes, even your breasts can become erogenous zones) and make your face flush.”

When a man can let that tension build to higher and higher peaks before releasing it, says Hawkins, he improves his chances that his whole body will experience the orgasm. He’ll feel involuntary contractions—spasms, actually—all over: toes, fingers, stomach, back muscles. He’ll thrash and make noise. Sheets will snap off the mattress. If you imagine the classic female orgasm, you’ve got the picture for a man.

Experience Whole-Body Orgasms

The key, says Hawkins, is to take a product like Volume Pills. This supplement not only increases semen volume, but creates more powerful, longer-lasting orgasms.

Another important way to enhance the feeling of orgasms is to delay ejaculation, a sexual practice called edging. This means constantly approaching, then backing away from, ejaculation. By relaxing each time as you near the point of no return, eventually your orgasmic threshold gets higher.

Until finally, on that last glorious homestretch, you get the kind of rocket-power orgasm that realigns planets. Think of it as orgasm surfing, riding the waves of sexual tension all the way to shore.

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