Volume Pills vs. Semenax

One of the most common questions men ask me is: Should I use Volume Pills or Semenax?

Well, I’ve seen male porn actors use both. But I wanted to dig a little deeper, so I decided to ask a good friend of mine what he thinks.

Max (not his real name) has worked in the porn business for about five years and has used both products extensively.

Max, You’ve Used Volume Pills And Semenax, Right?

“I’ve tried LOTS of natural male enhancement products, and that includes both Volume Pills and Semenax.

In my opinion, both are legitimate products that can help you sexually, but they’re different in important ways.

Let’s Start With Semenax – What Do You Think Of It?

OK, so Semenax is designed to stimulate blood flow, which gives you harder erections.

Semenax also boosts testosterone levels, AND it’s supposed to increase the amount of semen you ejaculate.

The advertising really pushes the semen part—hence the name, Semenax.”

So, Does Semenax Live Up To Its Name?

“Personally, I don’t really notice all that much of an increase in the amount of my ejaculate after taking Semenax.

But I do find that my erections are harder and longer lasting, which is why I use it.

Both Semenax and Volume Pills are 100% natural, which is really important to me – and to a lot of other porn actors.

Porn actors tend to be very obsessed with health and fitness, and a lot of us don’t like to take pharmaceuticals to help us perform – even though it’s necessary sometimes.”

What’s Your Opinion Of Volume Pills?

Volume Pills Box

“If you’re really only looking to cum more, then Volume Pills is the hands-down winner over Semenax.

Volume Pills was designed to do one thing and one thing only—to increase semen volume.

You know, it’s rare for male enhancement products to live up to the hype, but Volume Pills really does.

I’ve tried a few other so-called “semen volume enhancers” and thought they were a waste of money.

How Long Till Volume Pills And Semenax Work?

“You really need to be patient. Natural products don’t work immediately.

For example, when I first started taking Volume Pills, I didn’t really notice any increase in my semen volume at first. Nothing. But I had committed to trying it for two full months.”

Why Two Months?

“Because there was a 60-day, money-back guarantee!

I’m very glad I kept with it, because I finally started to notice more semen after about week three. My orgasms also felt stronger. And it got better from there.

Most men who have used Volume Pills say that it takes a while to see results, and that was my experience as well.”

How Long Did It Take To See The Full Effect?

“It took about five weeks to really see, and feel, the full effect of Volume Pills.

For example, before taking Volume Pills, when I had an orgasm, there were about two or three full ejaculations, or contractions. After taking Volume Pills, there were about seven or eight.

That’s porn star level, and it feels incredible!”

So What’s The Verdict? Volume Pills or Semenax?

“OK, so if you’re looking to shoot more cum and have more powerful orgasms, Volume Pills is the clear winner over Semenax. It’s not even close.

But don’t get me wrong – Semenax is a great product too!

It can really help you achieve hard, long lasting erections, but it’s nowhere near as good as Volume Pills when it comes to increasing semen volume.”

Do You Use Both?

“I sure do! But you have to remember that I’m a professional porn actor, so it’s my job to perform sexually at a very high level.”

Thanks for Talking To Me, Max!

OK folks, so there you have it – take Volume Pills to ejaculate more semen and Semenax to get harder erections.

Or use both, like Max does!

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