Volume Pills Before and After Results

Volume Pills is supposed to increase the amount of semen that men ejaculate.

But who’s measuring? Well, I am!

Volume Pills Box

I worked in the porn industry for about eight years and LOVE to test products that can improve male sexual performance.

I get very scientific about it. I measure everything precisely, enter the data into an Excel spreadsheet, and create graphs.

How Did I Test Volume Pills?

On average, men ejaculate 3.7 ml of semen when they orgasm.

So in my preparation to test this supplement, I FIRST had to establish what my “before” amount of semen was.

I ejaculated into a test tube and measured the amount of semen. It was 3.9 ml.

Turns out I’m a pretty average guy in that department. It’s good to be average when testing products because that’s what most of us are.

My aim was to conduct a before and after test of these pills. I did this by taking a daily dose for three months and measuring my semen volume every week.

What Were The Results Of My Test?

Here’s a graph showing my weekly measurements over a 12-week period.

Volume Pills Before and After

As you can see, it took a really long time for these pills to start working for me.

It wasn’t until week 6 that I began to see results. And it wasn’t really until the third month that I reached my peak.

Nevertheless, I think these results speak for themselves.

This product can seriously boost semen production, but you need to be patient because natural ingredients can take time to fully build up in your system.

How Does It Feel To Ejaculate So Much?

Incredible. Amazing. Look, I worked in the porn industry because I love sex so much. So I’m very into the idea of enhancing sexual pleasure.

I think taking semen volume enhancers is a great way for the average guy to understand what it feels like to be a porn star – and all you need to do is take a natural daily supplement. What could be easier?

Obviously, it LOOKS impressive when a guy cums a lot.

Having lots of semen is associated with manliness, fertility, and sexual health. Women dig it, believe me!

But it also FEELS fantastic. This supplement makes your orgasm much stronger, because there’s so much semen to ejaculate.

Basically, that incredible pleasure you feel when orgasming is enhanced and prolonged.

It’s an exquisite pleasure. Who wouldn’t want to experience that?

Does Volume Pills Work For Everybody?

l honestly don’t know if semen volume enhancers work for everybody. We’re all different, of course.

I think it must work for a lot of men because Volumepills has been a best-selling male sexual health product for something like 15 years.

That means men are re-ordering. Why would you re-order a product that doesn’t work?

Here’s the thing – This supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. That gives you plenty of time to decide whether you like it or not.

So there’s really nothing to lose, is there? You just have to go through the trouble of remembering to pop a pill once a day.

There are no side effects, so what’s the worst that can happen? You return it and get your money back. That’s it.

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