Volume Pills and Erectile Dysfunction

The term “impotence” is a very old one and will be used for a long time to come. However, you should know that the newer term “erectile dysfunction” is becoming popular as a more clinical and less threatening way to describe the problem.

Impotence may mean one of two things. First, it may indicate that a man is unable to get an erection that is firm and rigid enough to penetrate a vagina during sexual intercourse.

Secondly, it may mean that he can get a strong erection, but is unable to maintain it through ejaculation, or orgasm. While almost every man will eventually have a temporary problem with impotence that is best treated with understanding, rest, and relaxation, a consistent problem should prompt a medical evaluation. For example, it’s very possible that impotence stems from consuming too much alcohol.

Volume Pills Is 100% Natural

Many men suffering from erectile dysfunction can improve the situation merely by taking a natural, non-invasive health remedy such as Volume Pills.

These pills are made from 100% natural ingredients. There are no side effects and no prescription is needed to buy them.

Known primarily as a way to increase the amount of seminal fluid ejaculated during orgasm, this natural enhancer strengthens the entire male reproductive system. It can help men achieve and maintain hard erections while providing them with powerful, satisfying orgasms.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction often feel emasculated. After taking these pills for a while, they will start to ejaculate large amounts of semen. Semen is associated with sexual potency, so men will immediately feel more sexually confident.

Thousand of men have used this product to successfully transform themselves from sexual duds into sexual studs. Because the ingredients are entirely natural, they are safe to use every day. You simply take these pills as a dietary supplement.

How To Achieve An Erection

In order to achieve a satisfactory erection, an intricate process must take place–a carefully orchestrated dance between the skin, the nerves, the blood vessels, the brain, and the structures within the penis itself.

A man’s ability to become sexually stimulated is controlled by the hypothalamus and the hormone testosterone, which is manufactured in the testes and the adrenal gland. Sexual stimulation is perceived, either through contact with the skin in various erogenous zones, by erotic visual or mental images, or perhaps through smell. Quickly a message is relayed through the nerves in the spinal cord to the penis.

The muscles at the base of the penis contract, restricting the return of blood from the penis. Blood pools in the spongy tissues within the penis, causing them to become engorged.

Meanwhile another signal is sent through the nervous system to the brain. The brain receives the information and a decision is made about whether to continue with the process. It becomes more than a reaction to a stimulus; it is now a conscious response based on emotion as well as learned behavior.

Natural products like Volume Pills can reinforce all of these mechanisms, resulting in stronger erections, more powerful orgasms, and wetter ejaculations.

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