How To Increase Ejaculation Distance – And Ejaculate More Semen

Wouldn’t you love to ejaculate like a porn star?

I worked in the porn industry for 8 years. The men in this business are practically required to have explosive orgasms on demand. Nobody wants to see a weak ejaculation!

But porn stars weren’t born ejaculating enormous amounts of semen.

They work hard at it, and many take supplements to help them produce those amazing “money shots.”

In this article I’m going to tell you about some simple ways you too can increase your ejaculation distance and volume – just like the porn stars!

If you do these things, I can guarantee that you’ll start to see a BIG difference in both the power of your orgasms and the amount of semen volume you produce.

Kegels Can Improve Ejaculate Distance

Kegel exercises are simple clenching and relaxing exercises that you can do to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Male porn stars do these exercises all the time.

Your pelvic muscles support your bladder and help control urinary incontinence. But they also make your ejaculations more powerful.

Before you do Kegel exercises, you first have to locate the right muscles to work on. To do this, just imagine you are urinating, and you need to suddenly stop.

That clenching you’re doing is a Kegel!

Repeat this process 10-20 times, being sure to breathe normally throughout.

You can do Kegel exercises anywhere and anytime – while sitting at your desk, watching TV, or just lying in bed. Just remember not to hold your breath while doing them!

Try to hold a Kegel for three seconds, then release and rest for three seconds. Repeat.

For men, Kegel exercises improve ejaculatory power and control and prevent erectile dysfunction.

If you can do three sets of 10 every day, you should start to have stronger orgasms in a couple of weeks.

Gradually increase the number of repetitions and sets as you get stronger.

Strong Core Muscles Mean Better Sex

This takes a bit of work, but strengthening your core muscles will really increase your ejaculation power.

Core muscles are a group of muscles located in the torso that help to stabilize the spine and pelvis.

Strong core muscles can also help to improve posture and prevent back pain.

There are three key ways to strengthen your core muscles for better sexual performance: stability, endurance, and power.

First, focus on stability training exercises. These exercises help improve your balance and control during sex by strengthening the muscles that support your spine.

For example, try planks, side bridges, and bird-dogs.

Second, endurance training is important for sexual stamina. Many people think that cardiovascular exercise is the best way to improve endurance, but actually resistance training can be just as effective.

These types of exercises target the fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are responsible for producing quick and powerful movements.

Try circuit training with bodyweight exercises or light dumbbells to get your heart rate up while also building muscle.

Third, power training can help you explosively thrust deeper and harder during sex.

These exercises can be performed using bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells, or medicine balls. You can also do jump squats, box jumps, and clap push-ups.

While you may not think of your core muscles as being important for great sex, they actually play a key role.

Strengthening these muscles can help improve your performance in the bedroom and make you feel more confident about yourself.

Supplements Increase Ejaculation Volume

When I was working in the adult film industry, I saw plenty of male porn actors take both natural and chemical supplements to help them increase their ejaculation distance and volume.

Let’s talk about natural supplements. These are pills filled with natural herbs, minerals, and amino acids that stimulate semen production.

Anyone can buy these products. You don’t need a prescription from a doctor because they’re 100% natural.

You might be surprised to learn this, but a lot of adult film actors will only take natural supplements to increase ejaculation volume.

These guys are totally obsessed with their health and won’t take pharmaceutical drugs.

The most popular brand of semen enhancers that I saw porn actors take was called Volume Pills.

Box of Volume Pills showing tablets

Volume Pills is an all-natural supplement that you take every day. The ingredients will stimulate your body into creating more of its own semen.

Yup, that’s what these pills are used for – to help men ejaculate huge loads of semen.

I think you can see why this product is so popular in the adult film industry!

Like most natural products, Volume Pills doesn’t work right away. It can take a couple of weeks or even more before the ingredients build up in your system.

Guys love this product because there are NO side effects, which is super important.

Taking a supplement like this is the easiest way to increase semen volume and ejaculation distance.

Volume Pills isn’t cheap, but you have two months to try it out. If you don’t like it, you can return the empty boxes and get a full refund.

This product is manufactured by a company called Leading Edge Health. They get an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have successfully been in business for almost 20 years.

This means they have a long history of honoring their money-back guarantee.

So you won’t waste money – either the pills work and you’re happy, or you return them and get your money back.

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Food For Semen Volume And Distance

We are what we eat. This means that if you want to ejaculate semen like a porn star you need to eat the right kind of “sex food.”

There’s a lot of research showing that certain foods have an impact on sexual function and reproductive health.

For example, dark leafy greens like spinach and kale are good sources of nutrients like folate and magnesium, which are important for sexual health.

Folate and magnesium are good for male sexual health because they can improve blood flow and help to keep the nervous system healthy.

Magnesium can also help to increase testosterone levels, which improves sexual function.

In addition to dark leafy greens, foods that can increase blood flow to the penis resulting in a hard erection include fatty fish, berries, and watermelon.

Watermelon is one of the best semen volume foods because it contains an amino acid called citrulline that may improve blood flow to the penis.

All the above foods are rich in nutrients that can improve circulation and help keep the blood vessels healthy.

Eating a diet rich in these foods will definitely help to improve your sexual function.

Zinc – The Ultimate Sex Mineral

Zinc is essential for a number of bodily functions, including cell growth, immune system function, and fertility.

Additionally, zinc plays an important role in cognitive function and has been linked to a reduced risk of age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Zinc is also important for sexual health because it helps keep the sperm healthy and prevents infertility.

A lack of zinc can lead to low semen volume and erectile dysfunction.

Men tend to have lower levels of zinc than women, so they may be more likely to experience zinc deficiency and its associated symptoms.

Foods high in zinc that can improve semen volume and distance include oysters, beef, lamb, poultry, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate.

Almonds Can Help You Cum Far

l often saw male porn actors eating almonds. These are a low-calorie nutritious snack that can have a positive impact on sexual health.

Almonds are a good source of healthy fats and vitamin E, which are important for sexual health.

Healthy fats and vitamin E increases semen production and also helps to promote testosterone production.

This is important because testosterone is the hormone responsible for many of the physical and sexual characteristics that define men.

Additionally, healthy fats and vitamin E help to protect against heart disease and other cardiovascular problems.

They also help to improve circulation, which can impact a man’s overall energy levels and sexual performance.

Finally, these nutrients play a role in maintaining proper blood sugar levels, which is important for overall sexual health.

Semen vs. Sperm

There’s often confusion about what it means to increase semen and what it means to increase sperm.

While both are ejaculated during male orgasm, semen and sperm are totally different!

Sperm are the male reproductive cells. They are produced in the testes and are responsible for carrying genetic information from father to offspring.

Semen is the fluid that contains sperm. It is created in both the seminal vesicles and the prostate.

Semen is composed of 90% water, 9% seminal plasma proteins, 1% fructose, sodium, chlorine, citrate, calcium, and other enzymes.

Sperm need to swim through semen in order to reach and fertilize an egg cell. Semen also provides nutrients and protection for the sperm.

If you’re interested in ejaculating semen farther, you don’t need to worry about increasing sperm.

Sperm is all about fertility. You can’t even see sperm because they’re so tiny.

Semen, on the other hand, is highly visible. Semen is what you need to focus on if you really want to increase ejaculation distance and volume.

Forget about your sperm count!

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