Do Volume Pills Really Work?

Volume Pills is an all-natural dietary supplement that is supposed to stimulate a man’s reproductive system into creating more semen.

In other words, it helps men ejaculate more. This both looks impressive and intensifies the feeling of having an orgasm. It’s real porn star stuff.

But does Volume Pills work? I tried it out for three months and recorded my results.

First, it was necessary to see how much I was ejaculating before taking Volume Pills. I used a test tube to measure this. My “before” measurement was 3.9 ml.

According to the World Health Organization, the average amount of semen ejaculated by a man during orgasm is 3.7 ml.

I fall into the average range, which is good for testing purposes.

I Ordered Three Bottles Of Volume Pills

This is a three-month supply. I bought them at the official website. This is the only place you can purchase them from. You can’t buy these pills in stores.

A three-month supply cost $160. (This package comes with free shipping). That works out to $1.77 a day. The more you buy at one time the cheaper the pills become.

Volume Pills package

I simply took these pills like any other dietary supplement. At the end of every week I used the test tube “method” and recorded the amount of semen I was ejaculating.

Here is the graph of my results after taking Volume Pills for three months.

Volume Pills Before and After

As you can see, this product did nothing in the first month. I might have given up, but I had a three-month supply, so I kept using it.

I’m glad I did, because I really began to see results during the second month.

But it took a full three months for these pills to fully work. Although they take a while, Volume Pills really does works. At least they did for me.

Now I Get Why It’s So Popular

It felt absolutely amazing to cum so much! My partner was amazed at how it looked too. Just like a porn star!

I can’t think of any other male enhancement product that makes orgasms feel as good as this product does. I’m a big fan now and wholeheartedly recommend Volume Pills.

This product is made by Leading Edge Health. This is one of my favorite online natural health stores. They even get an A plus rating from the members of the Better Business Bureau.

One reason I like this company so much is their 60-day refund policy. All their products can be returned within 60 days if the customer isn’t satisfied.

This company will not stiff you. They’ll refund your money no questions asked.

I don’t recommend buying only bottle. Volume Pills didn’t work for me at all until the second month. So a one-month supply probably won’t be enough to see if you like it.

At least get a three-month supply like I did. And if it doesn’t work for you and the 60-day return deadline is approaching, just return the used and unused bottles and get your money back.

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