This Is The Best Penis Extender


There’s only one legitimate way to make your penis bigger without surgery. And that’s with a penis extender. This is a device that gently pulls your penis over a long period of time.

It takes time and dedication, but it will work. Penis pills don’t work. Weights are dangerous. Penis pumps might work temporarily. But thousands of men have added two or three inches to their penis with an extender, and the results are permanent.

If gently stretching your penis sounds silly, think about how ear lobes, lips, and even necks can be lengthened with continuous tension. Ancient tribes, and a lot of young people today, have used this technique to adorn themselves. Why not the penis?

Using an extender is really the only way to do this safely. The question is: what’s the best penis extender? Without question, we feel that the answer is SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics is the original penis extender. All other devices are imitations and don’t come close to equaling the quality of SizeGenetics. That’s why SizeGenetics is often referred to as the Rolls Royce of penis extenders.

This is what the SizeGenetics device looks like. (Click image to visit the official website).


Originally, SizeGenetics was invented by medical professionals as a way to straighten the penis after surgery. But doctors soon discovered that it could also be used for penis enlargement. The rest, as they say, is history.

Why Is SizeGenetics Superior To Other Penis Extenders?

There are five powerful reasons why SizeGenetics is better than other extenders.

1) SizeGenetics offers an amazing 2,800 grams of tension, more than any other extender. This means that you’ll get better and faster results.

SizeGenetics Ultimate

The reason SizeGenetics can offer so much tension safely is because it’s made with superior, medical-grade materials that won’t break or slip. Other devices are manufactured in places like China, with parts that are cheap and brittle.

If you’re going to try using an extender to make your penis bigger, why go with a cheap imitation? You have to wear an extender for long periods of time, so you want to make sure the experience is as positive as possible.

2) SizeGenetics is the most comfortable penis extender, which means that you can wear it for longer periods of time. The more you can wear an extender the faster the results.

SizeGenetics uses a patented Advanced Comfort System. This gives you an incredible 58 different ways to find the perfect fit. No other extender comes close to this level of comfort!

Size Genetics

And recently another improvement was made to provide even more comfort. The makers of SizeGenetics teamed up with the global manufacturing company 3M to develop special comfort plasters. These plasters are worn under the extender to decrease any rubbing or slippage.

Comfort is an incredibly important part of wearing a penis extender. The number one reason men give up wearing an extender is because of discomfort. SizeGenetics is by far the most comfortable extender. And this gives you the best possible chance to successfully enlarge your penis.

3) SizeGenetics has a legitimacy that other extenders don’t have. The Danish-based company that makes SizeGenetics has been around for almost 20 years. They wanted to make a legitimate medical device that could be used in hospitals and clinics.

They succeeded in doing just that, and no other device has come close to replacing SizeGenetics as the number one penis extender used by doctors around the world.

Incredible amounts of scientific research and clinical testing went into the development of SizeGenetics, which is registered as a Medical Type One device. This means that it is manufactured under very strict guidelines set by the FDA. Other extenders cannot honestly make these claims.


4) SizeGenetics has a 6-month money-back guarantee. That’s right, you can try out the device for up to 6 months to see if you like it. That’s more than enough time to see if it’s right for you.

When you buy an extender it’s very important that you can return it and get a full refund. That’s because these devices demand a fair amount of time and effort. They’re not for everybody. And they’re not cheap.

The company that makes SizeGenetics understands this and goes out of their way to honor every refund request. They know that their reputation will be seriously damaged by allegations of fraud. It’s very easy for people to post complaints to the internet.

When you buy the SizeGenetics device you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off. Either you will enlarge your penis successfully with the device or you will get your money back. There’s nothing to lose.

5) SizeGenetics has a unique offer to get the device for free. Like all penis extenders, this device is pretty expensive, so this is a really great offer.

First, you have to actually purchase SizeGenetics, so technically you’re not “getting it” for free. But if you use the device successfully, and take before-and-after-photos of your penis, you can send them to the company and they’ll refund the entire purchase price.

Your photos might be used as testimonials on their website and other advertising platforms. Before-and-after photos are a great way to show potential customers what the device can achieve.

Don’t worry, you’ll remain completely anonymous. And even if they decide not to use your photos, you’ll still get your money back. If you plan to do this, please remember to take a “before” photo before you start the program!

Please note: You must buy the SizeGenetics device from the official website in order to be eligible for both the money-back guarantee and the free device offer.


In our opinion, SizeGenetics is hands-down the best penis extender you can buy today. If you’re interested in trying to make your penis bigger, this is definitely the way to go.

Many men are intimidated by the thought of using a penis extender. After all, you have to wear it on your penis for long periods of time.

But once you start seeing real results the process won’t seem so tedious. In fact, you’ll be enthusiastic about wearing it!

Remember, using an extender is the only way to enlarge your penis, short of surgery. Please don’t buy penis enlargement pills or creams. These are scams and won’t work at all.

Penis pumps can make your penis bigger for only a short period of time, then it deflates. The gains you get from using an extender are permanent! And once you have achieved the size you want, you don’t have to use the device ever again.

This is your best chance to make your penis bigger. For many men the results are totally worth it. Why not try it out for yourself?

Penis Enlargement is a Growth Industry in China

Men will go to any length to, well, increase their length. But as we’ve seen, the issue is quite simple. If you want to enlarge your penis, you must use a penis extender. Period. And we recommend SizeGenetics, which we feel is the best penis extender you can buy anywhere.

But so much for “real news”. There’s a lot of quackery out there regarding men’s genitalia. For entertainment purposes, here’s an article about Shanghai’s latest growth industry—penis enlargement.

“There is a book about pre-war Shanghai called Sin City, a lurid account of prostitutes and brothels and taxi-dancers in what was once an international city. Half a century on, Shanghai has a sex industry again.

Pimps hustle tourists to visit ‘Chinese bars, Shanghai girls, very beautiful’. According to those who have been tempted, these are clip-joints. The staid official China Daily, in a report on price control, noted that some foreigners in Shanghai had been shocked to be presented with a $600 bill for ‘a drink and a dance’.

Shanghai even has a sex shop, masquerading as a pharmacy. It is the most visible part of a little empire run by the entrepreneurial Chen Kai. As the taxi drove up and down one of the anonymous new Shanghai suburbs, looking for another of Mr. Chen’s outlets, your correspondent was embarrassed.

‘Is it a unit,’ asked the driver, ‘or a private address?’ I had the card in front of me, but felt shy about announcing I was paying a visit to the ‘Shanghai City Male Sexual Function Rehabilitation Engineering Center’.

I anticipated a difficult encounter with Mr. Chen, my Chinese being severely defective in the vocabulary of sex. I need not have worried. Mr. Chen’s English appeared to be defective in every area but this.

Nor was embarrassment the order of the day. Mr. Chen spoke openly and enthusiastically about his mission in life, which is to solve Shanghai’s sexual problems. Besides the pharmacy and the center, he has a weekly phone-in on local radio.

Mr. Chen has a miracle machine. It comprises two gleaming white cabinets which could be fridge-freezers were it not for all the buttons, switches, dials and meters. It has several applications. The most profitable is penis enlargement.

It is hard to retain your dignity when you are sitting with your trousers rolled down over your thighs, your private parts under a jam jar, through which a liquid resembling weak Indian tea is pumped, frothing evilly, along tubes attached to the fridges. Harder still, when you are exhibited to a visiting journalist. But Mr. Chen’s patients seemed used to it, even unconcerned by the presence of a local television station.

Six sessions under the jam jar, said Mr. Chen, could increase penis length by between 0.2 and 1.6 inches. In 80 percent of cases, they could also cure impotence, though Mr. Chen conceded that that was largely a psychological by-product. His treatment could curb premature ejaculation.

There is a rival school of penis enlargement, based in Wuhan, and headed by a Dr. Long, who in 1991 claimed a breakthrough when a Beijing man had his penis lengthened from two to three inches, and doubled in circumference to five inches.

It is tempting to dismiss the whole thing as inspired charlatanism, preying on male neurosis. But Mr. Chen is an engaging evangelist, not just for his miracle machine, but for his sexual glasnost generally.

He claimed to be dispelling ignorance and taboos through his radio show. And, he insisted, these taboos were recent, not ‘part of Chinese culture’.

In glass-fronted display cases in his office is a collection of antique Chinese erotica. He proudly drew attention to the loving detail with which genitalia were reproduced in Song dynasty (AD 960-1279) figurines.

Some of his collection of little models had lost heads and other appendages during the puritanical fervor of the Cultural Revolution, just a generation ago. Somehow that display, far more than the gadgetry and the hype, made me rather warm to Chen Kai.”