What Are Volume Pills?

Volume Pills

Volume Pills are a natural dietary supplement designed to increase the amount of semen ejaculated by men during orgasm.

Manufactured by Leading Edge Health Marketing, Volume Pills has consistently been one of the company’s best-selling products since it first appeared over 10 years ago.

Volume Pills consists of capsules filled with natural herbs, amino-acids, and minerals. Two of the main ingredients, Drilizen™ and Solidinin™, are proprietary blends trademarked by the manufacturing company.

Volume Pills Information

Why Do Men Want To Increase Semen Volume?

Basically, there are two main benefits to ejaculating more semen:

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1) It Feels Good!
The math is simple. If your body is producing more semen, then additional contractions during orgasm are needed to ejaculate the extra fluid. More contractions mean longer and stronger orgasms. Longer and stronger orgasms = more pleasure.

2) It Looks Good!
The association between semen and masculinity goes back to ancient times. Women have a primal desire for semen—it means power, fertility, and authority.

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Seeing a fully-erect penis shoot wave after wave of hot semen strongly appeals to a woman’s animal sexuality. It’s hot, wet, and totally orgasmic!

We all want sex to be amazing and unforgettable. Increasing the amount of semen you ejaculate will definitely help make sex better.

Remember, Volume Pills is 100% natural, so it’s perfectly safe to use. There are no negative side effects and you don’t need any kind of prescription. You can just order it discreetly from the official website.

How Do Volume Pills Work?

The natural ingredients in this supplement target the various semen-producing areas of the male reproductive system.

They not only strengthen and stimulate the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland, but they provide those areas with more of the raw materials needed to produce semen.

Some of the ingredients also stimulate the body’s production of testosterone. This is the main sex hormone. More testosterone results in a stronger sexual response in every way.

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Other ingredients help increase the amount of nitric oxide molecules in our body.

Nitric Oxide is very important because it dilates the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow into the penis, creating harder erections.

As Volume Pills help strengthen your overall sexual system, you’ll begin to experience more forceful and powerful ejaculations.

Volume Pills Ingredients

Many of the ingredients have been used for centuries to bolster the sexual system. Now modern technology has been applied to this ancient wisdom, resulting in a powerful formula designed specifically for the purpose of increasing seminal fluid.

Two of the most important ingredients are Drilizen™ and Solidinin™.

These aren’t ancient herbs or minerals. Rather, they are trademarked, proprietary blends created by scientists and owned by the company that manufactures Volume Pills.

The formula for these two ingredients is a carefully-guarded secret. The company that makes this product doesn’t want competitors to copy their unique formula.

There are other ingredients that are not secret. They are:

Zinc – This is a major ingredient in Volume Pills because it’s a major ingredient in semen itself. Zinc is an anti-oxidant that helps create a healthy environment for sperm to live in. The more zinc you have in your body, the more semen your body will produce.

Ling Zhi – An Asian fungus also known as the Reishi mushroom, this ingredient has been used for centuries by Chinese medical practitioners to increase sex drive and sperm production.

Emblica Officinalis – This is an Indian fruit that boosts the health of the male reproductive system. One study involved rats whose reproductive systems had been seriously damaged by pesticides. When the rats were given emblica officinalis, their reproductive systems experienced a full recovery.

Hong Hua Fen – This flower expands the blood vessels, allowing stronger erections. It is a staple of traditional Chinese medicine.

Rou Ghi – Another Chinese ingredient, rou ghi is a bark that is used to treat impotence.

Tian Men Dong – This herb has long been used in Chinese traditional medicine to moisten dryness and stimulate the production of fluids, including semen.

Xian Mao – Yet another Chinese ingredient, this root treats impotence, incontinence, and generally strengthens the sexual reproductive system.

Dong Chong Xia Cao – Strengthens the heart and blood vessels to allow more blood to flow to the penis. Used to treat impotence in Asian cultures.

Arjuna – This bark has long been used as a natural cardiovascular drug. It strengthens the heart and improves blood flow throughout the body.

Volume Pills Testimonials

“My girlfriend has amazing breasts and I love ejaculating all over them. My girlfriend just sort of tolerates it. After taking Volume Pills for about a month, I came like a spurting volcano all over her breasts. She was like “Jesus Christ, what the…?” But I could tell it turned her on! So we’re both just really enjoying what this product can do. I’d give this my highest rating.”
–Matthew, St. Paul, Minnesota

“I love hand jobs, and it’s surprising how many women will do that for a guy. My only problem has been that I’m a dribbler. Visually it’s kind of sad. So I tried Volume Pills and it really helped solved that problem. In fact, I tell women not to aim my penis towards me when I orgasm, because it shoots so far that I’ve gotten semen in my own eyes, which stings.”
–Curt, Oakland, CA.

“Took this product for 2 months and found it to be OK. Definitely increased the force of my ejaculations. Hard to tell if there’s a huge increase in cum load, but I feel like there’s more. I’ve probably tripled the distance I can shoot though, which is pretty awesome.”
–T.T., Boston, MA.

“My sexual partner really likes a lot of semen, so I tried everything to increase my semen amount. Nothing worked until I tried Volume Pills. This product is the real deal and sex is great these days.”
–Gary, Miami, FLA.

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“I’ve tried tons of sex products, but I have to say that this is the best one. Who knew that ejaculating more would be SO great? I feel like my orgasms are much more powerful than before. It’s almost too much to take sometimes!”
–P.J., Rochester, NY.

What Is Semen?

We all know what semen is, but most men don’t really understand how it’s produced. Or even what semen is made of. In order to understand how Volume Pills work, you should know that….

Semen is an organic fluid that is ejaculated by the penis during orgasm. Semen is not sperm, but it provides a healthy environment for sperm to move around and swim in.

Many ancient societies considered semen to be magical, holy, and sacred. The Egyptians, for example, believed that rain was the semen of the Sky God, falling on and impregnating the Earth Goddess.

In many cultures around the world, semen has masculine properties, and is often associated with strength, authority, and virility. It represents nothing less than life itself.

Where Does Semen Come From?

Semen is primarily produced in two places in the male body:

The Seminal Vesicles: These are tubular glands located below the bladder. They create 60% of the semen men ejaculate.

The Prostate: This gland contributes about 30% of semen volume. The prostate’s muscles also help ejaculate semen during orgasm.

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Semen Makes Women Happier Too

Semen makes men happy—that’s why so many of them buy products like Volume Pills. But did you know that semen can also make women happy?

A recent study in Scientific American reported that women who were exposed to semen, either orally or through intercourse, were less depressed than women who were not exposed to semen.

The study tracked hundreds of women. Those who had unprotected sex—which allowed their vaginas to absorb semen—were compared to those who did not have sex or who used a condom.

The women who came into regular contact with semen reported not only less depression in general, but also less severe and less frequent bouts of depression.

This is because semen contains serotonin, a chemical that regulates mood and well-being. It turns out that semen is literally one of nature’s most potent anti-depressants!